Государственный Национальный Природный Парк "Чарын"

Our tariff is approved by the Forestry and Wildlife Committee of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources in accordance with the subparagraph  6) Article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 7, 2006 "On specially protected natural territories". 

For visiting protected areas for 1 person per day-845 tenge, (500 tenge + 0.1 MCI (3450 tenge for 2023).

Students - 720 tenge (375 tenge + 0.1 MCI), schoolchildren - 595 tenge (250 tenge + 0.1 MCI), preschool children - free of charge.

The cost of entry for cars: passenger car 100 tenge for 1 car per day, bus-200 tenge.

 Provision of transport services (for the descent from the Charyn canyon) with the expectation of one place at one end-500tenge.

Services of a tour guide per day for one group of up to twenty people -2000 tenge.

Conducting film, video and photo shoots (professional) when visiting and studying objects of the nature reserve fund, natural and cultural heritage, nature museums and living corners for one day:

movies, videos- 55000tenge.

photo- 25000tenge.

By order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 1, 2010 No. 555 on approval of the rules for visiting specially protected natural territories


       These rules regulate the procedure for visiting and staying in a specially protected natural area.

Individuals on the territory of an environmental institution, depending on the type of protected areas and the established legal regime of protection, are not allowed to:
1) stay in a protected area without a supporting document on payment for the use of protected areas;
      2) exit and passage off public roads or special excursion trails and tourist routes, unpaved forest and field roads of protected areas;
      3) parking of vehicles and other mechanical means outside the designated places;
      4) parking and washing of vehicles and other mechanical means on the banks of reservoirs, washing dishes, washing clothes, bathing pets;
      5) the presence of motor yachts, boats, motorboats, scooters, ATVs on reservoirs, with the exception of motor swimming vehicles used by the state inspectorate for the protection of protected areas;
      6) making bonfires, installing barbecues, cooking fires outside specially installed and equipped places;
      7) arrangement of parking lots, installation of tents outside the places established for these purposes;
      8) fishing with nets and other prohibited tools and means;
      9) removal of wild animals without appropriate permission;
      10) scaring and feeding wild animals;
      11) destruction of nests, burrows, dens and anthills;
      12) cutting down, breaking and damaging trees and shrubs, harvesting twigs for brooms and brooms for household needs;
      13) destruction and damage of monuments of nature, history, culture and archeology;
      14) collection and excavation of wild woody, shrubby, herbaceous plants and medicinal raw materials outside of permitted collection sites;
      15) collecting wild fruits, mushrooms and berries outside specially designated areas;
      16) breaking and spoiling of means of visual agitation (stands, panels, full houses, and others), forest management, forestry and land management signs;
      17) application of inscriptions and drawings on buildings, trees, stones and rocks;
      18) unauthorized grazing, haymaking, timber harvesting and other illegal forest use;
      19) clogging with household garbage and waste of the soil cover;
      20) the use of noise and other acoustic effects on the environment, according to the norms of noise and other acoustic effects of artificial origin, approved by the Order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 7, 2015 No. 18-02/899 "On approval of the norms of noise and other acoustic effects of artificial origin" (registered in the Register of State Registration of Regulatory legal Acts No. 12387);
      21) other activities that violate the natural development and preservation of objects of the state nature reserve fund and natural complexes.

 In pursuance of the letter of the Forestry and Wildlife Committee dated 06.03.2019 for No. 17-1-39/1225 and the director's order dated 18.03.2019 for No. 14, it is strictly prohibited to descend into the Charyn Canyon by private cars.